Long ago, spirits of fire and water lived as one. But jealous Algaroch, lord of the winds, drove a rift between King Oceanus and his sister Hyperia, queen of fire. Since then fire fairies and water sprites have been at war and forbidden from consorting, but when Prince Sirius, the king’s chosen successor, meets Hyperia’s beautiful daughter Malta, they fall madly in love. Their star-crossed romance upsets golden fairy Fiale, who harbours her own secret crush on Malta, while little sea urchin Bibble bemoans Sirius’ absence when the undersea kingdom suffers a jellyfish attack. After Malta neglects her royal duty to protect the Holy Flame, their secret comes out. Slimy sea serpent Mugwamp the Magnificent, who covets Sirius’ throne, seizes his chance and sets the young lovers fleeing their vengeful parents. A wise, old turtle explains their one chance is to reach the hill of Elysium during the next solar eclipse, where a magic flower blossoms that can carry them to a distant star where fire and water live as one.