Movie starring Mary Steenburgen as Ginny, the mother of two children, Abbie and Cal, and the wife of husband Jack (Gary Basaraba). The story is about how the family has come onto hard times during the Christmas season. Because of the difficult times, Abbie tries to send a letter to Santa, only to be thwarted by an angel named Gideon. Gideon tells Abbie that her mother should mail the letter instead. Ginny, not believing in Santa or the spirit of Christmas, doesn't end up mailing it. Further on in the movie a series of events happen seemingly all at once. Jack is killed in a bank robbery and Abbie and Cal are supposedly killed after their family's car is highjacked by the bank robber. Ginny feels all loss of hope at this point, but something magical happens. The police show up at her house with both the children, who were saved by Gideon. The rest of the movie involves a trip to see Santa and a very special miracle at the end.