Much like "Blue Steel", this cop drama with a female lead was released to theaters in 1990, but has a 1989 copyright date, so I'm including it in the 80s section.

When you go to L.A, you can expect to see lots of sleaze...Sex, drugs, all those kick-ass things that make life on the West Coast so very interesting. If you want to get down and dirty, then Lottie Mason (Theresa Russell) is your girl. Sometimes she looks like a hooker and other times she looks like a junkie, but she's always a cop. She knows where the action is, and she (along with her fellow cops) will take you downtown.

Lottie gets in over her head, though, when she meets a rich man at a bar. Money, murder and madness become part of Lottie's life more than they had been before. This is one of the best, and most underrated cop dramas, of the past few decades. I recommened seeing it, if only because of Theresa Russell, who exudes both sexuality and intelligence in her role in this movie.