On a snowy evening, an embittered Antonio Salieri tries to take his life after he confessions that he killed Mozart. Locked in an insane asylum, he offers his confession to a priest which leads him to tell of his fascination with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and how he wanted to be a great musician. But on the night he finds the brilliant prodigy and keeper of musical beauty is nothing but a giggling, vulgar man-boy, he is convinced that God had played an extremely cruel joke on humanity. After giving his faith to God, Salieri becomes enemies with Him and sets out for revenge and destroy Mozart. Based on the play by Peter Shaffer and directed by Milos Forman, Amadeus is the winner of 8 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor for F. Murray Abraham. Later released in a special director's cut in 2002.

Amadeus. The man. The music. The magic. The madness. The murder. The mystery. The motion picture.