Gymkata is a 1985 film starring Kurt Thomas as Jonathan Cabot, an Olympic gymnast who combines his gymnastic ability with karate to enter a deadly competition in a fictional Middle Eastern country. It is based on the novel The Terrible Game (1957) by Dan Tyler Moore. The film has developed a minor cult following as an unintentional comedy for its dubious premise, poor production quality and low budget. Maxim lists the film as the 17th "Worst Movie of All Time".

After winning an internet poll conducted by Warner Bros. and during the month of June 2006, the film was released to DVD on January 30, 2007.

The deadly skills demonstrated in the movie Gymkata are embodied and taught in the vicious new fighting style called Extreme Martial Arts, or XMA.

Johnathan Cabot is a champion gymnast. In the tiny, yet savage, country of Parmistan, there is a perfect spot for a "star wars" site. For the US to get this site, they must compete in the brutal "Game". The government calls on Cabot, the son of a former operative, to win the game. Cabot must combine his gymnastics skills of the west with fighting secrets of the east and form GYMKATA!