First joe special.

Pilot for the series.

Back in a time when the Sky Strykers were new and Cobra attacks in jets other than Rattlers, Destro developed the MASS Device, a new weapon able to transport matter anywhere using three rare elements. It only needs one thing, the Relay Star Satellite. General Flagg has the Joes test the security of the Satellite, but when they think things are secure Cobra transports their troops into the Satellite's silo and transports the Satellite and Duke back to Cobra's secret hideout.

Destro launches the Relay Star Satellite, making the MASS Device an invincible weapon. In order to demonstrate the it, Cobra steals The Eiffel Tower on national television. GI Joe recruits Dr. Vandermeer, an expert on molecular transference, to help them build their own MASS Device to counter Cobra's. Duke is a prisoner of Cobra, and is forced to fight a giant, Ramar, in Cobra's Arena of Sport being controlled by a mind-controlling headband.

The Joes head to the Sea of Ice, to find the first of the three elements, the radio active crystals. Major Blood is waiting for the Joes, trapping them in a cave with between Cobra's giant Robot Defenders and toxic gas. They destroy the Robots, but before they can leave with the crystals, they set off toxic gas. Snake Eyes lowers a radioactive shield, trapping himself, but allowing the Joes to escape safely.

Cobra again shows off the MASS Device by capturing the Red Army, and demanding the world's leaders to gather on an island for a conference. Cobra ends up capturing them, using the mind control head bands to make then Cobra's slaves. During another game between Duke and the giant, Ramar, Duke is able to escape with the help of a slave girl, Selina. Duke gives her a ring to remember him and promises to come back and free her and her people. When Duke gets back to the base, he is in bad shape and doesn't remember the location of the Cobra base.

Major Blood goes into the cave to get the radioactive crystals, Snake-eyes is freed, but is radioactive. The Cobras allow him to escape into the wilderness, thinking he will die. The Joes head after the second element, the heavy water located in the deepest ocean trench. Torpedo is introduced to lead the operation. When they get to the bottom of the trench, they are attacked by Cobra and Giant Tube Worms. The Joes and Cobra team up to stop the Tube Worms, and they both get the heavy water.

With the help of an old blind man, and Snake Eyes' new pet wolf, Timber, Snake-eyes makes it back to Joe HQ with the radio-active crystals. The Joes are still in the race with two of the three elements, until they realize the canister has been booby-trapped with toxic fumes and a fusion bomb. With Timber's help, Cover Girl is able to over-come the fumes and get rid of the canister before it explodes. The Joes head to South America, for the third element, a meteor located in a volcano called the Ring of Fire.

Knowing that Cobra has tapped into the Joes Communications, Stalker then announces that GI Joe is gathering their troops to surrender, in order to save New York from the MASS Device. GI Joe is actually stalling for time, creating a set with models of the Joes 'surrender'. Cobra gets wise to their trick and tries to destroy New York, only to have Selina throw water on the Mass Device and stop it. Now both Cobra and GI Joe need the third element. The Joes use helicopters to raise the meteor from the volcano. Cobra shows up using their jets to blow the meteor up into the sky into an awaiting net on Cobra' Flying Fortress. The Joes attack, and Scarlett sees Destro escaping, and follows him. Destro ambushes Scarlett, taking her prisoner and escaping with part of the meteor.

Scarlett teams up with Selina and the other slaves and plan an attack, while Destro takes over Cobra, demanding the world surrender. When they don't, he tries to destroy New York, only to have the energy beam knocked off course by the Joes Mass Device. Destro makes a final ultimatum to kill the captured world leaders until the world surrenders.

With Doc's help, Duke remembers he gave Selina his ring, which the Joes can track straight to Cobra's headquarters. The Joes attack, free the slaves, and capture Cobra Commander. The Joes try to return the Eiffel Tower to the proper location, only Breaker transports it with the Mass Device to London, using up the last of the elements, so the Eiffel Tower has to be towed by boat back to Paris.