When Kate Wainwright (Elizabeth Montgomery) pays her sister Susan a visit, she finds the house deserted, and a storm eventually knocks out the electricity and strands her there... with a killer. Seems sister Susan has been murdered, and now Kate's the next target. But is the killer Susan's husband Ben (George Maharis), cleaning lady Mrs. Hawkes (Eileen Heckart) or someone else?

Based on a short story by McKnight Malmar, this film was Montgomery's first role after her long-running stint on "Bewitched." Due to the short running time (74 minutes) that was standard for TV-movies in the early 70s, the film rarely appears on television anymore. The film had an obscure Canadian video release under the title "Out of Contention," but it's long out of print. Also stars Sue Ane Langdon and Jess Walton.