Zach and Claire, an upwardly mobile middle class couple living in Los Angeles seem to be living the fairy tale marriage most people can only dream about. With successful careers, a new Beverly Hills home, a good circle of friends, and a deep love for each other, the couple seems to have it all. However, Zach's activities outside of the home may put their fairy tale life in jeopardy when Zach begins exploring his same-sex attractions to other men. With an unsuspecting Claire at home, Zach finds himself cruising for guys in the dead of night, coupled with the occasional visit to the local gay bar. His same-sex attractions are accelerated by the introduction of Bart one day at his medical office. Bart, a successful gay novelist with a penchant for no strings sex with good looking young guys, visits Zach's office as a patient which eventually leads to an affair between them. Soon Zach discovers he's gay - and has been living a lie all this time. But, how will he tell Claire?

This sudsy drama is a mature, serious look at a gay man coming to terms with his sexuality, and the consequences of his outing upon the one closest to him - his wife. A groundbreaking film by director Arthur Hiller that was greatly panned by Hollywood originally, but has since stood the test of time and is a classic social statement still relevant today.