Mel Gibson takes the bad guy role and turns it on its ear for this gritty & darkly funny tale of vengence, adapted from Donald Westlake's novel "The Hunter" which in turn became the basis for the 60s Lee Marvin classic, "Point Blank". "Payback" has Gibson taking on the role of Porter, a ruthless thief who is doublecrossed by his friend/partner-in-crime Val Resnick (DePalma's stock player Gregg Henry) & his drug-addled wife (Deborah Kara Unger) over the matter of $70,000. After being left for dead, Porter seeks revenge and the money. Although his wife dies of a overdose, Porter tracks down Resnick, guns for the Syndicate, & reunites with old flame Rosie (Maria Bello). But along the way, Porter sidetracked by two corrupt cops (Bill Duke & Jack Conley), a dangerous dominatrix (Lucy Liu) with the Chinese Triad as friends, a powerful crime boss (Kris Kristofferson in the theatrical cut, Sally Kellerman's voice in the director's cut), & other assorted characters that will do anything to keep Porter from what's rightfully his.