When the Davis family moves to Lucifer falls, they quickly learn that their less-than-humble abode harbors a ghost. Several hundred years earlier, Mr. Boogedy, as he came to be known, sold his soul for a magic cloak, that he'd hoped would win him the affection of widow Marion. When his scheme failed, he kidnapped Marion's son, Jonathan, returned to his home, and accidentally blew it up. Now he and Jonathan are trapped in the home that was built on the site, and it's up to the Davis's to remove his magic cloak to banish him forever and return Jonathan to Marion.

Originally aired on NBC's "The Wonderful World of Disney," this hourlong film doubled as the pilot for a TV series. A series never materialized, but it was popular enough to spawn 1987's full-blown, effects-heavy TV sequel, "Bride of Boogedy."