It's another day in Leonardo, NJ and Dante, a clerk of Quick Stop Groceries, is having the worst day of his life. To start things off, he comes to work on his day off and encounters many misfortunes throughout the day of work. He has a hockey game planned for the day, a wake to go to at the spur of the moment, and Randall arrives late for work at the RST Video next-door. Throughout these events, his girlfriend keeps trying to get him back to school while his ex-girlfriend is said to marry an asian design major. The worst part of this predicament is that he never got over his ex-girlfriend... See the world through the eyes of Dante and Randall through a day at the Quick Stop.

First Kevin Smith movie to feature the famous Jay and Silent Bob. This movie was low-budget, so it was shot in black and white, but despite that it's spawned a cartoon series that lasted 6 episodes and also made DVD release twice. Once for popular demand, again for the 10 year anniversary. There is also a sequel which takes place 12 years later from the first movie.