This comedy, set in the barrios East L.A. is loosely based upon Mark Twain's parable The Million Pound Bank Note. The new version tells the tale of Juan Lopez a nice, but uneducated hombre trying to earn enough money to support his little boy. Though Juan was born in the States, he lacks proper documentation and is sent back to Mexico. Now he sells oranges at an intersection. His life looks hopeless when a limousine pulls up and he is handed an envelope containing a check for one million dollars. He is told that he has one month. If he uses the money correctly he will get an award. Juan is suspicious and takes it to his immigration worker who encourages him to check it out. A Beverly Hills banker almost has apoplexy upon examining the check and Juan knows he has the real thing. Now the good-hearted Juan must avoid the temptations, and the greedy people that suddenly surround him. — Sandra Brennan

Paul Rodriguez - Juan Lopez
Polly Draper - Olivia Smith
Pepe Serna - Jorge/Mr.Ortiz
Bert Rosario - Alvaro
Jonathan Hernandez - Alejandro Lopez
Gerardo - Flaco
Victor Rivers - Hector Delgado
Edward James Olmos - The Angel
Tony Plana - Jorge
Rubén Blades - Bartender
Cheech Marin - Shell Shock
David Rasche - Jeff
Liz Torres - Mrs. Delgado
Patrick Wright - Henchman
Steven Jae Johnson - Klaus
Paul Williams - Jenkins
Jon Greene - Police Officer
Lillian Hurst - Nosey Neighbor
Jean Kasem - Party Guest
Evelina Fernandez - Mrs. Gonzales
Leslie Danon - Patricia
Maria Rangel - Anita
Anita Ortega - Neighbor
Bonnie Paul - Secretary
Larry Linville - Richard Dickerson
Dianna Miranda - Waitress at Party
Julio Oscar Mechoso - Corn Seller