after being fired, George Newman (Weird al Yankovic) Gains an old UHF tv station that his uncle harvey bilchik won in a poker game. however all of George's attempts to compete with the top network in town (channel 8) fail. That is until he allows lovable and dopey janitor Stanley Spadowski (Seinfeld's Michael Richards) his own TV show. the channel soon becomes a hit, to the anger of channel 8 head RJ Fletcher (Kevin McCarthy).

Cast overview, first billed only:

'Weird Al' Yankovic .... George Newman
Victoria Jackson .... Teri
Kevin McCarthy .... R.J. Fletcher

Michael Richards .... Stanley Spadowski
David Bowe .... Bob
Stanley Brock .... Uncle Harvey
Anthony Geary .... Philo
Trinidad Silva .... Raul Hernandez
Gedde Watanabe .... Kuni

Billy Barty .... Noodles MacIntosh
John Paragon .... Richard Fletcher

Fran Drescher .... Pamela Finklestein
Sue Ane Langdon .... Aunt Esther

David Proval .... Head Thug

Grant James .... Killer Thug

Vance Colvig ...Kindly But Verbose Old Bum

Directed by Jay Levey
Released by Orion Pictures Inc.
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for Parents Strongly Cautioned
MPAC Rating: 14A for Fourteen Accompanied