In this made-for-cable comedy-drama, Moe (Tony Danza) is a gangster who has done quite well for himself as part of a crew dealing illegal automatic weapons. However, Moe, like anyone else, is looking for love, and meets Monica (Elizabeth Barondes), a gun collector who shares a home with her sister Beth (Amy Locane) and mother (Louise Fletcher), who is dying of cancer. Moe asks Monica out on a date and she agrees, if they can double with her sister. Moe fixes Beth up with his partner Franco (Rustam Branaman), and the two couples head out on the town after Moe and Franco duck out of a shootout in the midst of a deal gone sour. The date goes well and Beth and Franco hit it off especially well — so much so that Beth accidentally breaks her neck while having sex, and winds up dead. A nervous Franco asks Moe to help him hide the body the next morning, and now Moe is not only trying to hide his career from Monica, but has to keep her sister's death a secret. The Girl Gets Moe was also shown under the title Love To Kill. — Mark Deming

Amy Locane
Rustam Branaman
Michael Madsen
James Russo
Tony Danza - Moe
Elizabeth Barondes - Mon