Went to Coney Island On a Mission From God...Be Back By Five (1998)

Richard Schenkman, who debuted with the disappointing The Pompatus of Love (1996), returned with this comedy-drama, set on the streets of Brooklyn. When young Richie (Rafael Baez) vanishes, rumor has it that he went insane at Coney Island, so pizza guy Stan (Rick Stear) and pawnshop clerk Daniel (Jon Cryer, who co-scripted with Schenkman) spend a winter's day searching for their childhood friend through the deserted amusement park. They encounter a variety of locals in their wanderings, while flashbacks fill in the story of past events, including Stan's alcoholic escapades which ended his relationship with Gabby (Ione Skye). Shown at the 1998 L.A. Independent Film Fest.