Revenge drives the existence of two siblings whose father is murdered before their very eyes in this bone-smashing martial arts anime from Bubblegum Crisis director Masami Obari. As children, Terry and Andy Bogard watched in terror as a man they had always trusted brutally snuffed out their father's life in one horrifying and unforgettable instant. With revenge driving every action they take and every word they speak from that life-altering moment forward, both brothers have excelled at learning some of the most deadly fighting techniques known to man. Loner Terry has become a fearsome street fighter, and handsome Andy has become feared for such unbeatable attacks as the "Flying Wing Fist" and the "Super Explosive Rending Bullet," but only one sibling will be chosen at the upcoming King of Fighter tournament to learn the legendary "Hakkyokuseiken" technique that will bring their nemesis down and avenge the death of their father. Based on the best-selling video game, this nonstop tale of action and vengeance is a surefire bet for video game and anime lovers alike