In this action thriller, Dr. Markson is a scientist working in weapons technology research, but he has grown disillusioned with his employers and the corruption within the defense industry — so much so that he chooses to destroy his latest creation, a laser weapon employing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, rather than turn it over to his superiors. Convinced that he's now in danger, Markson hires two top-rank security men to act as bodyguards — veteran Special Forces operative Ron Morrell (David Carradine) and his younger but no-less-capable partner, John Slade (Frank Zagarino). Markson's hunch proved to be correct, and he and his daughter are abducted by renegade intelligence agents who desperately want the secrets behind his latest invention. Morrell and Slade quickly swing into action, racing against the clock to rescue Dr. Markson and keep his dangerous secrets from falling into the wrong hands. Project: Eliminator marked the screen debut of Calista Carradine, daughter of leading man David Carradine. — Mark Deming

Vivian Schilling
David Carradine
Frank Zagarino
Calista Carradine
Brett Baxter Clark
Drew Snyder
Hillary English