In this exciting sci-fi thriller, a newly designed and extremely expensive android with plenty of strength but neither emotions nor a conscience busts out of a secret government lab and ends up in the hands of terrorists who commandeer the top story of a hospital and hold the daughter of the President hostage. Desperate to stop the mercenaries before they kill, the government must thaw out the frozen form of the criminal who designed the hospital. But they end up thawing out a former football hero instead, who pretends to be the architect. — Sandra Brennan

Martin Kove - Michael DaSilva
Meg Foster - Sarah
Frank Zagarino - Romulus
Paul Koslo - Trevanian
Joss Ackland - "Kinderman"
Ricco Ross - Jackson
Andrew Lamond - Franco
David Oliver - Murray
Michael Morris - Assault Leader
Liz Ross - Laura Jamieson
Eric Ray Livans
John Pasternak
Steve Elm - Pilot
Rob Freeman - Blackwood
John Guerrasio - Blake
John Chancer - Zanuchi
Robert Jezek - Leone
Brian Jackson - President Evan Richards
Angie Hill-Richmond - Jonah
Kymberley Huffman