The first of several sequels to 1989's Bloodfist, Bloodfist 2 once more stars kickboxing champ Don "The Dragon" Wilson. This time, Wilson is up against a diabolical Fu Manchu type named Mr. Su (Joe Mari Avellana). Our hero and five other kickboxing experts are kidnapped by Su and forced to do battle against the villain's steroid-crazed henchmen. It's up to Wilson to straighten things out. Bloodfist 2 was followed two years later by Bloodfist 3, again starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson. — Hal Erickson

Don "The Dragon" Wilson - Jake Raye
Rina Reyes - Mariella
Joe Mari Avellana - Su
Robert Marius - Dieter
Maurice Smith - Vinny Petrello
Tim Baker - Sai Taylor
James Warring - John Jones
Richard Hill - Bobby Rose
Steve Rogers - Ernest
Liza David - Jake's Girlfriend
Amanda Robinson - Round Girl
Jet Sahara - Paradise Guard
Romeo Opulencia - Cabby at Stand
Archie Ramirez - Ricco
Ray Orbeta - Paradise Guard
Israel Ong - Su's Fighter
Ronald Asinas - Paradise Guard
Joseph Zucchero - Ring Announcer
Raul Garcia - Tournament Guard
Cristito "Kris" Aguilar - Su's Fighter
Renie Salvador - Su's Double
Manny Samson - Manny Rivera
Get Wolde - Mickey's Trainer
Glicer Solayaw - Cattle Prodder
Nene Varca - Paradise Guard
Jing Castaneda - Kat
Monsour del Rosario - Tobo Castenerra
Dardo de Oro - Su's Fighter
David Deutch - Mickey's Trainer
Anthony East - Radio Commentator
Bert Cayayan - Paradise Guard
Caloy David - Su's Fighter
Joe Collins - Referee
Bay Davao - Paradise Guard
Freddie Ondra - Su's Fighter
Ned Hourani - Mickey Sheehan
"Big Boy" Gomez - Javelin Guard
Jess C. - Su's Fighter
Gloria O'Neil - Patricia
Nash Espinosa - Paradise Guard
Fred Esplana - Paradise Guard
Robert Ginnivan - Young Cabbie
Eddie Boy Fernandez - Tournament Guard
Eddie Garland - Arab Man