Originally titled Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill, but released as Hard Way Out, this low-budget, martial arts actioner was filmed entirely in Ireland. It is the story of a quiet high school math teacher whose milque-toast demeanor masked a secret profession as a CIA agent that for 15 years took him away on "business trips." In his new guise, the teacher (Don "the Dragon" Wilson) spends his free time trying to get closer to his 18-year-old son. Unfortunately, his secrets are exposed when renegade agents decide it's time to "eliminate" him. With only his hands, feet, and superior knowledge of martial arts, the instructor is forced to defend himself and his son from certain death. The film's climactic fight is a battle to the death aboard a ship. — Sandra Brennan

Don "The Dragon" Wilson - Rick Cowan/George 'Mac' MacReady
Jillian McWhirter
John Patrick White
Warren Burton
Conor Nolan
Donny Hair

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