A teenager finds himself torn between his loyalty to his friends and possibly destroying his own future in this drama. Danny (Peter Facinelli) is a high school senior who has been offered a chance to play football for a college scholarship; while the offer is tempting, at the same time he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend behind. However, all the bets in his life are off when one of his best friends shoots his father, who had a history of violence. Danny and his friends know their buddy would not survive in prison, so they steal the body and try to hide all the evidence before the police get wise. Their plan proves to be neither as simple or as effective as they hoped. End of Innocence features a strong supporting cast, including Amy Irving, Chris Isaak, and Tom Arnold. — Mark Deming

Peter Facinelli - Danny
Rodney Eastman - Aaron
Will Estes - Taz
Jay R. Ferguson - Shane
Heather Stephens
Garvin Funches
Brent Jennings
Tom Arnold
Chris Isaak
Amy Irving