Wings Hauser both stars in and directs The Art of Dying. Hauser plays Jack, a vice cop who tries to unravel the mystery behind a series of murders in which each of the corpses has been found with stage makeup on its face. Turns out that the killer is Roscoe (Gary Werntz), a demented movie-maker whose overwhelming desire for realism has resulted in a variety of horrible deaths for his unwary actors. Each victim is dispatched in a manner evoking a famous film: one is killed in the shower, another dies while playing Russian Roulette a la The Deer Hunter, and so forth. — Hal Erickson

Angela Rae - Summer
Jesse Sperling - Kid 1
Vanessa Sperling - Kid 2
Michael J. Pollard - Delbert
Tony Longo - Victor
Sidney Lassick - Wally
Jean Levine - Rita
Ona Simms Wiegers - Donna
T.C. Warner - Janet
Wings Hauser - Jack
Gary Werntz - Roscoe
Pam Dixon Mickelson - Wilma
Mary Bond Davis - Jessie
Sarah Douglas - Sarah
Michael Easton - Bobby
Henry Brown - Captain
Jorge Alvarez - Scarface
Chuck Lacey - Bookkeeper
Kathleen Kinmont - Holly
Scott Lowry - Preacher man
Bill Frenzer - Cowboy Bob
Roger Hewlett - Crackman
Mitch Hara - Latin Jerry