{"title":"I'm Gonna Git You Sucka","dateDebut":"1988","dateEnd":null,"description":" in the comedy I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. Jack Spade (Wayans) returns home from a hitch in the army to find his brother Junebug has died from an overdose of gold chains, leaving his widow Cheryl (Dawnn Lewis) and mother Ma Bell (Ja'net DuBois) alone to fend for themselves. Ma throws two inept thugs (Damon Wayans and Kadeem Hardison) sent by the evil white guy Mr. Big (John Vernon) down a flight of stairs. Junebug owes $5,000 to Mr. Big for his gold-chain addiction and tries to force Cheryl into prostitution to pay off the debt. Jack recruits his old friend to go after Mr. Big to seek revenge. John Slade (Bernie Casey), Hammer (Isaac Hayes), Slammer (Jim Brown) Kung Fu Joe (Steve James) and the former Pimp Of The Year Flyguy (Antonio Fargas) join up with Jack to avenge his brother' death. Chris Rock makes a brief appearance as the annoying customer who risks his life by irking rib joint owner Hammer. Funny and fast paced, the writing, acting, sight gags and cameos by Robert Townsend, Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III, Eve Plumb (Jan from The Brady Bunch), Kim Wayans, and Gary Owens makes this a must-see for any comedy fan.\r\n\r\n.ACTORS\r\nKeenen Ivory Wayans - Jack Spade \r\nBernie Casey - John Slade \r\nAntonio Fargas - Flyguy \r\nSteve James - Kung Fu Joe \r\nIsaac Hayes - Hammer \r\nJim Brown - Slammer \r\nJa'net DuBois - Ma Bell \r\nDawnn Lewis - Cheryl \r\nJohn Vernon - Mr. Big \r\nClarence Williams III - Kalinga \r\nJohn Witherspoon - Reverend \r\nCarl Craig - Man in Love \r\nChris Rock - Rib Joint Customer \r\nAriana Richards - Little Girl \r\nKim Wayans - Nightclub Singer \r\nLudie Washington - Big Brim Bartender \r\nDamon Wayans - Leonard \r\nVickilyn Reynolds - Sadie \r\nScott Morris - Jack's Theme Musicians: BDP \r\nBrian Maguire - Policeman \r\nLiza Cruzat - Bimbo \r\nNancy Cheryl Davis - Woman \r\nJim Daniels - Slade's Theme Musician \r\nShawn Wayans - Pedestrian \r\nJester Hairston - Pop \r\nRobert Townsend \r\nPeter McCarthy - Weasel \r\nKing Cotton - Slade's Theme Musician \r\nMichael Conn - Officer \r\nJesse Aragon \r\nTom Wright - Brothel Man \r\nRobert Colbert - Farrell \r\nClu Gulager - Lt. Baker \r\nMarc Figueroa - Knuckles \r\nRoy Fegan - Dead Pimp \r\nBob Gibson - Slade's Theme Musician \r\nEugene Robert Glazer - Officer \r\nMichael Goldfinger - Sergeant \r\nTony Cox - Wayne Evans \r\nMarilyn Coleman - Funeral Mourner \r\nWren T. Brown - Big Brim Pimp #2 \r\nBentley Evans - Crowd Member \r\nCharles Cozart - Anchorman \r\nMaria Diaz - Bar Patron \r\nEve Plumb - Kalinga's Wife \r\nRichard McGregor - Gang Member \r\nBobby McGee - Pimp \r\nPeggy Lipton \r\nTommy Morgan - Referee \r\nGary Owens - Himself \r\nDavid Alan Grier - Newsman \r\nRobin Harris - Bartender at Sam's \r\nKadeem Hardison - Willie \r\nHomeselle Joy - Mourner \r\nAnne-Marie Johnson - Cherry \r\nHawthorne James - One Eyed Sam \r\nGeorge James - Bruno \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/96a_2297ae3a85__4c7b5d2680.jpg"}