{"title":"Atkinson Film-Arts' Cartoon Classics","dateDebut":"1985","dateEnd":"1987","description":"A special series of 4 adaptations produced for CTV by Atkinson Film-Arts, made between 1985-87. The programs were: The Brothers Grimm's \"Rumpelstiltskin\" (1985), Margery Williams' \"The Velveteen Rabbit\" (1985), and two Hans Christian Anderson stories: \"The Tin Soldier\" (1986) and \"The Nightingale\" (1987). All of them were narrated by Christopher Plummer, and adapted by Mary Clawford & Alan Templeton.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/c693cb31-116e-44a5-a26c-8628f2e35798.jpg"}