{"title":"Sesame Street","dateDebut":"1969","dateEnd":"9999","description":"First conceived by a group of children's education researchers in 1965, Sesame Street grew to more than just a children's show--it became one of the most famous and well-known shows of all time and a symbol of American pop-culture. A show so well-known, there is nearly not one person who did not grow up watching it as a child--or with a child of their own! With a mix of puppetry, live action film, animation, celebrity appearances and more, the show has gone on to teach many concepts to preschoolers and children, everything from letters and numbers to life lessons. The show originally mirrored the format of commercial television, with a plot involving the human and Muppet characters on Sesame street, broken up by commercial-like segments including films, animations, and songs, each teaching a different concept. In more recent years, the show has switched to a \"narrative\" style format used by most kids shows today, but all of the same famous cast is still there.\n\nAiring History:\nNET(1969-1970)\nPBS(1970-Current)\nNoggin(1999-2005)\nSprout(2005-2017)\nHBO (2016-current)\nHBO Max (2020-current)\n\nInternational Airing History:\nCanada:\nTVO (1969-Current)\nTreehouse (1997-Current)\nUK:\nChannel 4","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/bc3ffe59-0f24-4c7e-b912-887a44857882.jpg"}