{"title":"Neon Genesis Evangelion","dateDebut":"1995","dateEnd":"1996","description":"Neon Genesis Evangelion (Japanese: \u0090V\u0090\u00a2\u008bI\u0083G\u0083\u0094\u0083@\u0083\u0093\u0083Q\u0083\u008a\u0083I\u0083\u0093 Shin Seiki Evangerion) is an anime television series, begun in 1995, directed and written by Hideaki Anno, and produced by Gainax. It takes place in 2015 AD, fifteen years after the catastrophic Second Impact, reportedly caused by a meteor strike, which wiped out half of Earth's population and tilted its axis. Just as humanity finished its recovery from this disaster, Tokyo-3 began suffering attacks by strange monsters referred to as Angels. Conventional weapons are useless against the Angels, and the only known defense against them are the biomechanical mechas created by the paramilitary organization NERV, the Evangelions (Evas).","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/y20F42RfvFW7U966Yo3r0.jpeg_md.jpeg"}