{"title":"Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos","dateDebut":"1986","dateEnd":"1987","description":"Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos (\u30de\u30b7\u30f3\u30ed\u30dc \u30af\u30ed\u30ce\u30b9\u306e\u5927\u9006\u8972 Machine Robo: Chronos no Dai Gyakush\u016b), known in English as Revenge of the Gobots, is a Japanese anime television series produced by Ashi Productions. It ran on TV Tokyo from July 3, 1986, through May 28, 1987.\n\nA large portion of the Machine Robo toy line was exported and sold by Tonka in America as Gobots and Rock Lords. To date, only 15 episodes of the series have officially been released with English subtitles on three DVDs by Central Park Media.\n\nRom and his sister Leina are robots with souls that live on the world of Chronos. When invaders from another world known as the Gyandlar kill their father, Rom uses the Wolf Sword Kenryu. The sword transforms him into a more powerful form, which he uses to prevent the Gyandlar from getting Hyribead (energy that will grant them eternal life).","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/CtveL737OmlcbkX1kRKD6.jpeg_md.jpeg"}