{"title":"The Three Caballeros","dateDebut":"1944","dateEnd":null,"description":"One of Disney's World War II Era \"package films\". The film is plotted as a series of self-contained segments, strung together by the device of Donald Duck opening birthday gifts from his Latin American friends. Several Latin American stars of the period appear, including singers Aurora Miranda (sister of Carmen Miranda) and Dora Luz, as well as dancer Carmen Molina. The film again starred Donald Duck, who in the course of the film is joined by old friend Jos\u00e9 Carioca, the cigar-smoking parrot from Saludos Amigos representing Brazil, and later makes a new friend in the persona of pistol-packing rooster Panchito Pistoles, representing Mexico. The segments of this film are connected by a theme of it being Donald's birthday, and Donald receives three gifts which he opens during the course of the film. One of these, a movie projector, shows a documentary on the Aracuan Bird(which is actually his first appearance) who then re-appears throughout the film pestering the other characters. The seven sgements are The Cold-Blooded Penguin, The Flying Gauchito, Baia, Las Posadas, Mexico: P\u00e1tzcuaro, Veracruz and Acapulco, You Belong To My Heart, and Donald's Surreal Reverie.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/g1MtY1o4454J6H69OGMY7_md.png"}