{"title":"The Jetsons","dateDebut":"1962","dateEnd":"1987","description":"In 1962 the vision of the future was trippy clothes, flying cars, and more robotic appliances than Bill Gates' house, but in the end, none of this came true, but the idea that all these things could make life better was quickly put to rest by anyone who watched this iconic but funtastic hit tv series.\n\nGeorge Jetson works at Spacely Sprockets, the corporation that pays him a daily salary for merely pushing a button, and heaven help George if he's late by one nano-second.\n\nAt home, his lovable wife Janet \"Jane\" Jetson is a homemaker; meaning she makes sure all the machines are doing their chores.\n\nElroy and Judy Jetson are the couples children, Elroy a rambunxious junior inventor, and Judy the steroetypical rebellious teen.\n\nThe head robot of the family is Rosie the maid, who often does her job with a little more wit and sarcasm than George wishes, but she's a cherished member of the family nonetheless.\n\nAnd last but not least are The Jetsons' lovable pets, there's Asteroid \"Astro\" Jetson whereas Dino Flintstone & Bandit Quest speaks in dog language Astro speaks in a dog type human tongue, he loves the family especially both Elroy & George.\n\nAnd there's Orbity Jetson he's more of the bounciful member of the family, he has different emotions depending on what kind a mood he's in, but he's special as well for his alien kid type voice.\n\nWhen's all said and done, The Jetsons' ups and downs are pretty much the same as our own.","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/4Bo9ED25dg4TDhR8C2702_md.jpeg"}