{"title":"The Telebugs","dateDebut":"1986","dateEnd":"1987","description":"The Telebugs were a hi-tech trio of merry monitored robots created by\r\n absent-minded Professor Brainstrain - or indeed, 'Bwainstwain' owing\r\n to his unfortunate lisp. Theses robots were 'Pwogwammed to help people\r\n in twouble', but more specifically to combat the new threat of computerized\r\n villains and advanced adversaries springing up around the country.\r\n\r\n The Telebugs' leader was a white-shelled droid called Chip. He was\r\n a calculation robot, able to process data and statistics at a phenomenal\r\n rate. Samantha was the yellow one. She was a hi-tech monitor and\r\n tracking device. Her bow-tie was actually a spinning radar. Then there\r\n was Bug, the red robot programmed to acquire video footage and pictures.\r\n Bug came with a sidekick called Mic, a mobile independent camera.\r\n\r\n The Telebugs attached themselves as associates of the local tv station\r\n run by the ill-tempered Mr McStarch. Their main adversary was mad\r\n Baron Bullybyte and his witch-like sister Magna. Bullybyte was in possession\r\n of an evil computer creation called Angel Brain. This wicked trio cropped\r\n up numerous times during the three Telebugs seasons.\r\n\r\n In the course of the first season Professor Brainstrain creates a fourth\r\n black shelled Telebug called ZUDO - short for Zero-failure Universal Data\r\n Optimizer. Unfortunately Zudo's wires get crossed and he sets off on\r\n a wild rampage through the english countryside proclaiming 'Evil okay!'\r\n in a twisted electronic war-cry. In a final cliff-top encounter Zudo appears\r\n to be neutralized, but he rises from the depths of the sea to return in\r\n a later adventure...","leadImageMedUrl":"https:\/\/cdn.retrojunk.com\/file\/rj-media-image\/1a2388f9947e542a4d041e4c711d976b_md.jpg"}