{"title":"Death of a Cheerleader","dateDebut":"1994","dateEnd":null,"description":"Bright and ambitious teenager Angela Delvecchio just transferred to Santa Mira High School where she strides to three things: to be the best in life, become a writer like Danielle Steel, and to be friends with Stacy Lockwood, the most popular girl in the sophomore class. Stacy is beautiful and rich while Angela is from a poor, Catholic family. After being accepted into the elite group known as The Larks, Angela continues to admire Stacy and also signs up to be and a cheerleader. Unfortunately, she doesn't make the squad and Stacy does. Determined for friendship, Angela invites her to a party (one that she was not completely invited to) and confesses how much she admires how perfect Stacy is and wants them to be friends. Angrily, she rejects Angela and unleashes her nasty nature to her. Frightened by the thought of what Stacy may say or do humiliate her, Angela commits a horrific and unspeakable act that shocks everyone in the community. But for Angela, was it the perfect crime or a cry for help? Inspired by actual events and originally released under the title A Friend to Die For. Directed by William A. Graham.\r\n\r\nCast of Characters\r\n\r\nKellie Martin....Angela Delvecchio\r\nTori Spelling....Stacy Lockwood\r\nJames Avery....Agent Gilwood\r\nEugene Roche....The Priest\r\nAndy Romano....Joe Delvecchio\r\nMargaret Langrick....Jill Anderson\r\nMarley Shelton....Jamie Hall\r\nKathyn Morris....Monica Whitley\r\nTerry O'Quinn....Ed Saxe\r\nValerie Harper....Mrs. Delvecchio\r\nChrista Miller....Teresa Delvecchio\r\nBrittany Powell....Head Cheerleader\r\nTom O'Rourke....Dick Lockwood\r\nMarnie Andrews....Dana Lockwood\r\nJenna J. Leigh....Meridith Ladd\r\nRobyn Bliley....Courtney Clay\r\n\r\nm.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n ","leadImageMedUrl":null}