{"title":"Baby On Board","dateDebut":"1992","dateEnd":null,"description":"Carol Kane plays the wife of a murdered Mafia bookkeeper in Baby on Board. With her baby in tow, Kane tracks the hitman to the airport, intending to shoot the man. A pickpocket causes the gun to discharge prematurely, and now it's Kane who is being pursued. She commandeers a cab driven by Judge Reinhold, and the chase is on. As light as a feather, Baby on Board gets plenty of laughs from the basic situation as well as the fevered rapport between Kane and Reinhold. \u00c3\u201a\u00e2\u20ac\u201d Hal Erickson \r\n \r\nJudge Reinhold - Ernie \r\nCarol Kane - Maria \r\nGeza Kovacs - Carmine \r\nGarfield Andrews - Panama Hat Man \r\nDiane Fabian - Matron #3 \r\nAl Bernardo - Sam Olivido \r\nFrank Ruffo - Goon \r\nRay Paisley - Cop #1 \r\nVito Rezza - Sidney \r\nPatrick Patterson - Captain \r\nEllen Dubin - Saleslady \r\nJason Blicker - Frankie \r\nDavid Fox - Bum \r\nConrad Bergschneider - Lorenzo \r\nKate Healey - Nurse #1 \r\nHolly Stapley - Angelica \r\nIda Galli - Nurse #2 \r\nErrol Slue - Willie [Voice] \r\nTex Konig - Russian Man \r\n","leadImageMedUrl":null}