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    James Earl Jones - Darth Vader

    And also Mufasa from The Lion King
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    Quote by Fyne
    Well, I for one am glad to see that at least a few posters have mentioned Peter Cullen on this thread. He's certainly right up there on my list. And so far, most of the voice actors mentioned here (your "hero" included, Taki) fall into my faves list, too (with only at least one exception). But I should throw in my 2 cents here and add a host of other names that deserve equal mention:

    Neil Ross (an old partner of Cullen, and an excellent voice actor, imo)
    Charlie Schlatter (Montana Max on "Tiny Toon Adventures")
    Dana Hill (Charles on "Duckman"; sad that she died so young)
    John Kassir (The Cryptkeeper on "Tales From The Crypt")
    Tony Jay (who was given a superb eulogy/tribute in the articles section)
    Leonard (Lennie) Weinrib (the voice of H.R. Pufnstuf, believe it or not)
    Walker Edminston (Sigmund the Seamonster and others)
    Pat Fraley (a longtime veteran who's had many roles, and a good friend to Susan Blu, I hear)
    Russi Taylor (Huey, Lewie, and Dewey on "Ducktales"; Widget the World Watcher)
    Katie Leigh (a longtime veteran; currently plays Jakers)
    Robert Ridgely (Thundarr The Barbarian)
    Arnold Stang (Herman the Mouse, Top Cat)
    Sid Raymond (Baby Huey, Katnip (my fave); he died earlier this year)
    Jackson Bess (Bluto, Narrator on "G.I. Joe"; also died early this year)
    Max Segar (Popeye, and the first to play Felix The Cat on TV)
    Kathi Gori (played Inch High Private Eye's neice, was also a storywriter at H-B)
    Janet Waldo (Judy Jetson; Penelope Pitstop; Josie on "Josie & The Pussycats"; also played the teen babysitter that appears in two Cinemascope Tom & Jerry cartoons)
    Gary Owens (the original Space Ghost, Blue Falcon)
    Howard Morris (famous from "The Andy Griffith Show" and many of Mel Brooks'
    movies, apart from his V/O work on many SatAM cartoons, including the voices of Mr. Peebles on "Magilla Gorilla", Wade on the "U.S. Acres" segments of "Garfield and Friends", and his last V/O role as Earl on "Cow and Chicken". He was hilarious to listen to.)
    John Stephenson (Mr. Slate on "The Flintstones", Wheeljack on the G1 Transformers series)
    Alan Reed and Jean Van Der Pyl (a/k/a Fred & Wilma Flintstone)
    Henry Corden (who replaced Reed as Fred in '77; also the fish friend of Charlie Tuna)
    Bea Benederet (a Looney Tunes veteran V/O before June Foray came to WB; the first to play Betty Rubble)
    ...and of course we can't forget Don Messick and Daws Butler (you'd have to be a complete hermit to NOT know who they are!)

    I suppose I should also give special mention to Stan Freberg, John Byner (Ant & Aardvark), Gilbert Gottfried, Desirée Goyette, Brad Garrett, John O'Hurley (Great guy! And a great dancer, to boot!), Wayne Knight, and last, but not necessarily least, the NFL Channel's "Lovable Loser" Nick Bakay (Norbert, Salem Saberhagen).

    D'OH!!! I can't believe no one has mentioned Jess Harnell!

    Russi Taylor also voiced Minnie Mouse, Fauna, Gilly, Fairy Godmother,  
    Tiddlywink, Rocket Booster #2, Daisy Duck and Fairy.
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    Catherine Taber

    Appeared as a professional voice actor since her appearance in 2003

    My #1 voice actor of 2020

    She is literally the voice of Lori in Nickelodeon's The Loud House

    Lori : [livid] That was literally mine! You are so gonna pay!
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    Julie Kavner? Alan Young? Tom Kane?
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    One of my favorite voice artists was Cathy or Catherine Cavadini, who is not only the original voice of the Powerpuff Girls' commander-leader Blossom in the original 1998-2005 Powerpuff Girls TV show and 2002 Powerpuff Girls Movie, but was also the voice of Fievel's sister Tanya Mousekewitz in Fievel Goes West, the 1991 sequel to An American Tail.

    Believe me, Tanya's singing chops in Fievel Goes West, especially when she sang 'Dreams to Dream' and 'The Girl You Left Behind', and as supplied by Cathy 'Blossom' Cavadini in An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, is very beautiful and lovely to boot!
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