Thread: What Rare VHS tapes do you own?

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    Quote by renhoek93
    The oldest & rarest tape i have in my collection is a baseball tape from 1979.

    what is it called?
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    Im looking for anyone who has 8 simple rules season 3 taped from tv. i dont have many rare vhs. i do a have a couple that i can get copied. those are "The return of the shaggy dog (Original vhs ,not from tv). However they way my friend copied its got an old recording we found of tango and cash. adds cut out , but heres where it gets interesting . on the end of that tape was most of most (missing the last bit) of the ford supermodel of the world contest (featuring tricia helfer from 1994. whoever did it cut most the comercials. aprt from one row.the are a
    1) /nypd blue promo
    2) Cover Girl comercial
    3) A credit union add with babies
    4)a suzuki car commercial
    5)dulux wash and wear commercial
    6)sunbleast bread commercial
    7) a pepsi max commercial
    an intel inside comerical

    . all one one tape! plus on another i have the commercials for the shaggy dog tape. and leathel waepon 3 (NO COMMERCIALS. lol i wish whoever did would understand how popular old comericals woul have become) up for trade if anyone interested
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    TV recordings of a rare to find TV show that only aired for a year, 1995. It was called The Pursuit Of Happiness. It was never released to any home media of any type.

    I uploaded them to YouTube for lost media enthusiasts like myself.

    I only have two episodes of it out of the 6 episodes known to air.

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    Quote by bmman
    Im looking for anyone who has 8 simple rules season 3 taped from tv.

    8 simple rules season 3 taped from TV is on youtube

    The class is Pain 101. Your instructor is Casey Jones.
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    I have the Rocky Horror Picture Show Anniversary Edition with bonus footage at the beginning. The part of the tape that flips up is red, too.

    I also have Jurassic Park II with the lenticular box art. Not sure how rare that is, but it's cool.
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