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    Hi everyone,
    New guy on the forums here...

    Does anyone remember the Cartoon Network commercial featuring an opera singer possibly a dog in opera coat-tails singing to the tune of Mozart's Figaro? The ad starts with "bugs bunny (some music) elmer fuuudddd (some music) yogi bear (some music) daffy duck (some music)" in the middle there was mostly the names of a great number of
    cartoon characters strung together -- here are some parts that I do remember, though perhaps not verbatim: "... there's fred and wilma, barney and betty...", mentions of magilla gorilla, wally gator, the jetsons and it ends in "the cartoon network, the cartoon network, home of the top toon stars" during which time the audience throws all kinds of stuff at the singer. I'm pretty sure it was from the 90's and it looked to be taken from an MGM cartoon

    I would be forever grateful if you can provide any details or a way to have. I have searched everywhere and I'm currently looking through the 700+ results on youtube for the term "cartoon network" thats how badly I want it.
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    Doesn't anyone even remember that ad?
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    I do. A little bit.
    Long Live the World League
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    Is this the one??
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    Quote by siktha

    Is this the one??

    Dude. Thank you for this. I had been looking for this for a long time!
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    And back then, there was something out of this world... a 2XL robot is a kind of toy that plays tapes (8-track, audio cassette).
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