Thread: Hi, I'm looking for a Pacific Bell commercial, around 1988

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    Hi, I'm looking for a Pacific Bell commercial from I think 1988 in
    which the song went like "Ups and downs and turn arounds, We had our
    shard go wrong, Now that all our younger years drift into yesterday,
    I want you to remember, I won't drift away."

    It had scenes of the teen girl fighting with her mom and being taught
    to drive by her mom and going to the prom. Then it shows her years
    later calling her mom up on the phone saying "Hi mom" and the Mom
    saying "Hi honey how are you?"

    I've got part of that commercial, but I'm looking for the whole
    commercial. If anyone has this commercial or knows of where I could
    listen to this, I would be very very appreciative. I love the song and
    the tune of the commercial and them, it's so moving.

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    Have you checked our site? try the commercials on th main page.
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    And please introduce yourself in the say hello thread.
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    Hi, Yes, I've looked on this website, but haven't seen it so far.

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    Hi, no one remembers this commercial from around 1988? It ran about the time of the 88 Olympics if you were on the West Coast.

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    I don't know if your still interested but you can find this commercial on youtube
    Titled: "Pacific Bell Phone company 1985" I think this commercial is actually from the summer of 1988. also look up: "80's Commercials Vol. 30" on youtube
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