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    Well, I decided to upload it to Youtube too, because after two weeks of waiting the opening that I uploaded doesn't seems to be aproved...

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    I uploaded it two times to Retrojunk and still NOTHING. Its anything wrong with the opening or what? Going to upload it a third and last time.
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    Way to go! On the right place already Enjoy my finding...
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    Congragulations, you just needed some patience, since these moderator guys can be busy!

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    Quote by David31584
    It's not that simple sadily.

    Legends of Treasure Island was produced by Filmfair and it had some of the animators for The Dreamstone involved.

    It had 2 series. Series 1 in 1993 and the long awaited series 2 in 1995. It only had 1 video release in the UK and one DVD release in the US (featuring some of the series 1 episodes put together as a 80 minute film).

    Oh yeah, I think I remember that release here in the US, though I have it as a VHS copy I found once at a video store. Wouldn't mind digging that out for whatever purpose I might have.

    I thought it was quite interesting a show though it was never seen in the US at all (much like the failure to release "The Animals of Farthing Wood" I felt deserved better than the horrible VHS compilation featuring redubbed voices including Ralph Macchio as Fox). We Americans missed out on a LOT of fine foreign productions that had been glossed over by an overdose of domestic product.
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    Actually, it did air in the US, but it was on exclusively on Starz in 1997. I know because I had that channel on DirecTV at the time and the list of shows on Starz' previous shows on the wikipedia confirms it.
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