Thread: Weepiest/Made you cry the most.

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    The one time I remember most is when I first saw Return of the Jedi and the death of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker. The funny thing is that it became one of my favorite scenes in the original trilogy
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    Peanuts-Snoopy Come Home Made me cry so much as a little kid.
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    Searching through this, I see i've already posted a bunch of times. Let me see if I can think of some that I didn't post about yet. By the way, as I was reading my responses I noticed that they were written during a time that I was having issues with certain buttons on my keyboard. Some of my words were running together haha.

    This is rather silly..ok, REALLY goofy. When my son was 2-5 (he's about to turn 13. I just might weep writing this LOL!) we used to watch a lot of Noggin. Franklin in particular was one of my favorites. There was an episode where Franklin was walking to Bear's birthday party, and he was procrastinating. His friends kept reminding him. Then he finally ran into his friend Snail who reminded him what time it was and how the party would be starting soon. Franklin was like "oh my gosh! your right! bye snail, i've got to get going!" and Snail started to cry because he knew he'd never make it there on time without help, and he had LEFT YESTERDAY to make it in time. LOL pathetic but it makes me tear up everytime.

    Dr Who, the episode that's Rose's final as main character. Also the David Tennant's last episode as the Dr. There are lots of moments that make me sad in this show but I don't want to say too much in case someone's catching up on old episodes.

    I don't think I mentioned this the first time around. The original Poltergeist movies all around make me a little sad. It mostly has to do with Heather O'Rourke having died at the end of filming the Third one, and Dominique Dunne being murdered shortly after the first one was filmed. Carol Anne's theme gets me everytime.

    The final scene in LOST makes me tear up, even though I didn't particularly care for how it ended.

    The end of Me Before You

    The Third Pirates Of The Caribbean movie's ending depresses me.
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    I wasn’t much of a crying type of person but when I watched The Transformers movie at our neighbors house when I was about four years old I swear all of the kids in room including me were crying when Optimus Prime died. And I have never cried during a movie that has had a sad scene in it.
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    • 2 years 24 days ago
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    When I was a kid, Charlotte's Web made me practically bawl. What's ironic was that I had an intense phobia of actual spiders, but the death of adorable Charlotte hit me square in the heart.
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    STAR MAN 1984 movie which I saw in the theater when he says goodbye to Jenny Hagen and he leaves to go back on his spaceship and the synthesizer music playing in the background always made me tear up great movie also.
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    Quote by System
    The Outsiders - the part where Johnny died. "Stay Gold, Pony Boy"

    Stay gold just reminds me of Toonami
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    I went to see E.T. with my friend. We were both 17ish, tough Bronx boys and man did we cry lol.

    Years later, Beaches got me so bad it was disgusting!

    When Hulk saved Iron Man in Avengers I shed a silent tear unbeknownst to my family sitting next to me. Hulk rules
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