Thread: I noticed something odd about the Ric Flair ?.

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    When Ric goes up in the air for a back drop, he curls in the air so that he lands on his side. I thought it was just an odd mistake at first- but I've seen it in every match he's participated in since coming back to the wwe. he always lands on the same side, I think it's his left. Now I watched the tough enough series and the one thing they stressed was how to land, which was both shoulders hitting the mat at the same time to support the head from hitting the canvas. But Flair ALWAYS lands on the side on his arm and such and it got me thinking perhaps he's disabled on the other side in one way. I mean obviously the guy shouldn't be wrestling at all anymore- his matches now are never high-risk. He sticks to chest chops and his "dirty tactics" like the thumb to the eye and the low blow. But check out one of his matches. He always takes at least one back drop and when he lands, he'll roll to one side just before hitting the mat.

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    He was in a plane crash when he first started wrestling and it broke his back, he was told he would never wrestle again. If you look at old pics of him before that he was a lot bigger. He lands like that to protect it.
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