Thread: Can anyone identify this music used in the cartoon Seabert?

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    For those of you who don't remember it the cartoon series Seabert was about a boy named Tommy, an Inuit girl named Aura, and their "pet" whitecoat seal Seabert. After Seabert's parents are killed by hunters, the three band together. They go on adventures in which they encounter more hunters and poachers and save various animals from harm.

    The main villain trio consisted of Tommy's Uncle Smokey as well as his henchmen Carbonne and Sulfuric, an d this is where my question comes into play. There was a theme that played whenever they went through slapstick antics, and it was the best piece of music in the whole series. I thought it just existed for the series, until years later I heard it used in an animal documentary video so it looks like it's not actually from the show.

    It plays from 20:38-22:24 of this video. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me what it is so that I could listen to it without any other sound effects or dialogue.
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