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    The Federal Trade Commission whose "Do Not Call" and "COPPA" laws violate anyone who are affiliates of The Dove Foundation

    Here is a sample of the Dove reviews that are unacceptable by the Federal Trade Commission

    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    For the secular world, Harry has many good messages about bravery, courage and friendship. It even comments about the power of sacrificial love. And with its young cast, the film is virtually free of sexual material and bad language. Some mild and moderate violence occurs, such as sports roughness and property destruction. But along with the learning of incantations, potions, wand waving and broomstick riding, HARRY includes other elements which the Bible also takes a negative view of. More disturbing is the concept of an evil wizard’s spirit co-habiting another’s body. It will be difficult, if not impossible, in most families, Christian and secular alike, to deny their children’s desire to see the film, but witchcraft, conversing with the dead, and possession should be maturely discussed with young viewers. Despite its positive messages and honorable characters, we cannot, in good Spirit, endorse HARRY POTTER as recommendable.

    Annie (1982)

    I was shocked when I got very close to the end of this film to hear two utterances of God’s name in vain. Up until then, this movie was flying along as family approved, at least for ages twelve and above. I later learned it had originally been rated G, but then was switched to PG. I can only guess that perhaps the producers wanted the PG rating so as to draw in older members in the audience, and not just the kids. At any rate, Aileen Quinn as Annie and Albert Finney as Daddy Warbucks are great and the music is quite good, but due to the language, we cannot approve the film for family viewing. What a shame. I wish they would have edited those two words.

    The Simpsons Movie

    This movie is likely to make everybody laugh at some point, and likely to offend some people as well. Therein lies the problem as far as this being family-friendly. The irreverent humor runs throughout the film. The movie is not short on laughs. It opens with a scene in outer space, and we soon learn it is from a film which the Simpsons are watching. The movie they are viewing is based on a TV show. At the conclusion, Homer says, “Who would be stupid enough to pay to watch a movie based on a TV show when you can see the show on TV for free!” The audience I saw the picture with laughed at themselves since “The Simpsons Movie” is, of course, based on a TV show. Without giving too much of the comedy away, there is also a scene in which a Fox network advertisement appears at the bottom of the screen, and then the words, “Yes, we are advertising in movies now!” The audience roared with laughter.

    I am not an expert on the TV show, since I don’t watch it, but it’s been around long enough for me to know that Homer is somewhat of a boorish buffoon, and he is at his best in this movie. The problem is that the film has strong language, and seems to both make fun of Christianity and nearly embrace it at the same time. Homer and his family are late for church in the beginning and he walks in talking about “Jebus” instead of “Jesus,” and how that the people in the church are moronic hypocrites. An elderly man in the service has a religious experience and gives a prophetic warning. He also rolls around a bit on the floor. Yet later on the warning he gives begins to come to pass. The next door neighbor, a Christian man who prays over his food at a restaurant, befriends Bart and becomes a second father to him while Homer is making a mess of things in the family’s life. So the film is a bit schizophrenic in its portrayal of religion. There were moments that made me cringe, and moments when I thought, “Wow! Is that a positive portrayal of Christianity?” However, due to the language and nudity, and a scene which briefly shows children under eighteen smoking, we cannot award our Dove Seal to this film.

    The Care Bears Movie

    When I popped “The Care Bear Movie” in, I was ready for an innocent, cute cartoon. I was therefore extremely surprised to see the repeated use of magic, spells and even some incantations! There was an evil spirit (that is how the Care Bears referred to it) and this how one of the main characters easily gained control over a little boy in the story.

    Granted, the magic wasn’t used to kill anyone or do physical harm, but it was certainly used to defeat good and allow the bad to prevail. Other than that (which was the main vein of the story), the movie was clean, as a kids movie should be. The positive point of the movie is that good feelings (especially love) are just as powerful as magic and can even overcome the bad. If it wasn’t for the magic aspect, this would have been a cute movie for kids, but unfortunately, Dove cannot give its stamp of approval on this one!

    Carlota is an ambassador of The Federal Trade Commission.
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