Thread: Name of old retro 80s/90s nostalgia site?

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    • 9 days 9 hours ago
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    I remember a site, it seemed to be run by just one guy. I accessed the site and commented on some of his articles around 2013 or so, i think. I remember the guy would post old family pics and share memories of his 80s/early 90s toys. It seemed to be runned just one guy and he had a lot of commenters on his articles. And *maybe* his name was in the name of the site - don't really remember. But if this old site rings a bell, please state the name.

    I'd really love to look through the site again for old times sake, even if the site's now defunct and I have to find it on the Wayback Machine. Anyone know the site I'm talking about from yrs back? Thanks!
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    • 9 days 7 hours ago
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    OK, i think maybe the site was called 'Branded in the 80s' and it's still online but I'm not 100% that it's the one I remember. I'm like 90% sure.
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