Thread: Looking for the name of a Space Opera/SciFi Anime from 90s

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    Looking for this animated SciFi/Space Opera type show that I used to see in the early-mid 90s, that I believe was a Anime (or a US production that had a Anime influenced aesthetic). I'm sorry I don't remember too much about the plot, but there's two things I distinctly remember about it.

    One, they really used that 'still character w/ moving background' trope really excessively, like almost every shot. And two, it had this nonstop pumping techno soundtrack playing through the whole thing, like even if it was just two characters standing in front of each other just having a conversation. In fact, it sort of felt like the show might have been made in the late 80s from how it looked, and there was an added updated techno soundtrack for it's American dubbed version for the 90s, could be wrong though.

    I remember possibly seeing it after watching syndication of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show on either Fam TV (programing block on "The Family Channel", now called "Freeform" currently), or on KOFY (independent San Francisco Bay Area station). Any clues or guesses appreciated. Thank You!
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    Did some research and came into some more clues:

    I believe the show was definitely on KOFY TV20, a local independent San Francisco Bay Area station, due to the fact that I looked up former programing on The Family Channel/Fam TV and didn’t find anything that seemed to be it. In adition, there's a possibility that when it aired on this channel, it was during a programing block that was hosted by a kid and and robot that looked like Jonny 5 from "Short Circuit" wearing a bad tassel wig.

    There’s a possibility it could be the animated series “The Bots Master” (1993–1994) which I found on youtube looking up shows from a wikipedia list of animated series aired during the late 80s/early 90s, and I definitely recognized the “fisheye rotating robots shot” in the intro but more importantly, it had that recognizable continuous unrelenting techno beat. However, since I also remember this having a distinctively “80s sci fi/space opera” kind of look which this didn’t have, I remain unsure if this IS indeed it and I just conflated it with early memories of watching “Robotech”, or it's simply NOT it yet.

    Basically to make a long story short, I have to confirm what the syndicated cartoon that aired after “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show” in the afternoons on weekdays on KOFY TV20 in the early 90s was.

    If there's anyone that grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area remembers watching this channel in the 90s and remembers this, any guesses are appreciated.
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