Thread: Looking for show from 2010s - teenagers piloting robots

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    • 1 month 5 days ago
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    Hello, perhaps someone could help me. I'm looking for the name of a live action kids show from the 2010s, perhaps around 2014 or so, that could have aired on the now defunct "The Hub Network" (currently "Discovery Family") but I'm unsure. It was basically kind of a "Pacific Rim" knockoff but with kids/teenagers with "'tude" piloting the mecs.

    It was recommended in a youtube video I saw years ago, described as a kind of better version of modern "Power Rangers" in comparison to Saban's then current attempt to revive the series on Nickelodeon after reacquiring the IP from Disney, that in the eyes of some fans resulted in being somewhat lackluster. I now can't find that Youtube video.

    Thank You for your help in advance!
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    • 1 month 3 days ago
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    Sounds like Mech-X4. It was on Disney XD back in 2016.
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    That's it!!! Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!!!
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