Thread: commercials that scared you as a kid

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    What commercials from the 90's scared you as a kid?
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    I wrote an article on that topic a few years ago. Do you remember any of these commercials?
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    The teenage girl diving to her death in this PSA:

    The recycling PSA from EDF when the choir is singing on top of garbage heap called Earth:

    Gopher Cakes PSA(children turn into gophers) that appears before the Dr. Dolittle on the VHS. I wasn’t a child when I saw that commercial, but it was still disturbing.
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    "You don't always die from tobacco..."
    Yeah, it's Yuuki. Got a problem with that?

    "The sun may have the face of a baby, but it is actually quite old. So old, in fact, that it's about to go supernova! This isn't a good thing."
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    For some reason, it was a commercial for the Sloman's Shield that featured HORRENDOUS CGI (not Rapsittie Street Kids level bad, but Norm of the North level bad.) It was on when I was like 12.
    "All right, this thing is officially making me CRAZY!"
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