Thread: Trying to find a movie about the Paranormal

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    Hello Everyone!

    Years ago I remember seeing a movie on TV that dealt with the paranormal. It was similar to Twilight Zone but I don't think it was the actual Twilight Zone movie. I never saw it again and I don't remember the name of it, but I have been trying to find it for years. I will describe the scenes I remember and if anyone can help me find it I would appreciate it.

    I remember a young woman driving a car down a dark road late at night with an older woman in the passenger seat. When the old woman leaves the car the young woman asks her "Who are you?" and the old woman responds with something like "Look in the mirror in 40 years and you will know who I am" indicating that the older woman in the car with her was her older self.

    I also remember a scene where a man had a dream about an airplane that crashed. He was looking in the wreckage and he saw a teddy bear and a white fur coat. The next day he goes to the airport and sees a little girl holding the teddy bear from his dream and sees an old woman wearing the white coat from his dream. He then realizes that his dream told the future, so he tries to stop everyone from boarding the plane since he knows it will crash.

    That's all I remember. If this rings a bell to anyone please let me know. I have been searching for years. Thank you very much!
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