Thread: Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubie(s) - 1994 dub

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    Does anybody have this exact tape in their possession?



    Apparently, this is FUNimation's first dub ever as a demo. It's mostly the same as the 1995 dub of the same movie, but the 1994 version has alternate lines of dialogue. Mostly that of using Harmony Gold's names for some characters rather than the original names that they later went with.

    Truth be told, I was supposed to have this tape already. There was a guy in Toronto who was offing it for $30, but this jerk [] messaged him and offered him more money for him to have it and the seller accepted, so not only did I not get the tape, but I have to watch this guy flaunt "clips" around in horrible quality for Internet points. On top of that, another tape surfaced but it was an auction that went up to $600! I was willing to pay reluctantly but this time I was outbid because my computer decided to stutter at an inopportune time, just my luck, huh?

    Anyway, I want to put this to bed and set things right. If you have this exact tape and would be willing to lend it to me, or sell it to me/give it away if you're nice enough to do so, please contact me. My email is [email protected] - Hopefully we can work something out. You can also send me a private message through here, but a direct email might be better.

    Thank you all.

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