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    Hey RetroJunkers, I'm back again. Now I know this really isn't a fanfic like Dexter's Odyssey this time, but almost three months ago, I had just completed a full draft of my very first full length movie script in my whole life: Tim Zarus and the Space (or New) Argonauts, or Tim Zarus, for short, that is.

    You may read the full script here if you could follow or download this link:

    Now, I'm just saying that if I do try to turn it into an actual movie one of these days, especially under the title of "Tim Zarus and the Space Argonauts", I do think that since the bulk of the film could be all but a dream that the protagonist Tim Zarus himself was having after being knocked unconscious during the chaos and turmoil into which his Americanized human society has fallen, then the bulk of the film will require lots and lots of elaborate special and visual effects work (as well as some occasional splashes of 2D animation) and what have you and I.

    In addition, If I do turn it into a movie I will change the aspect ratio screen size of the movie at the point the dreaming begins, then up until that moment, the Tim Zarus movie will be framed at a narrow 1.85:1 aspect ratio and made almost like a low or mid budget indie or student film project, but once the main character woke himself within his dream state and escape from Earth with his two brothers and pet dog by flying a white Chevy Equinox SUV minivan vehicle into the great vast expanse of outer space, I would not only make the rest of my movie almost like a big budget effects-driven science fiction fantasy epic blockbuster movie kinda thing, but also have the screen aspect ratio frame widened all the way to CinemaScope's 2.35:1 ratio, the intention being to give visual expression to Tim Zarus' view of the universe and outer space within the filter of Tim's richly imagined inner dream fantasy space. But before the aspect ratio change in my movie, I'd rather keep my color palette toned down for the opening sequences on Earth, but the opening Earth scenes wouldn't be completely devoid of color; I'd just use muted and naturalistic versions of those selected for the rest of my movie, so once the aspect ratio change occurred in my movie, I'd completely open up the color palette, brightening it to that of a glossy and vibrant comic book or so to emphasize the feeling that, within the filter of Tim Zarus' inner dream space, Tim is leaving behind the earth and seeing the universe as well as the expanse of deep space in his dreams.

    And by the way, for another example, even if my movie of Tim Zarus and the Space Argonauts could even use, say, the original soundtrack recording of original Powerpuff Girls voice artist and singer Cathy Cavadini (the original voice of Powerpuff Girls' Blossom, that is) as Fievel's sister Tanya Mousekewitz singing the song 'Dreams to Dream' from the obscure and forgotten 1991 animated film "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West" both to play over and as an accompaniment to a fantastic yet breathtakingly beautiful space travel montage involving a flying white Chevy Equinox SUV minivan traveling through space towards some star before the Chevy Equinox minivan gets picked up by the spaceship the Argo captained by Jason Ariston, a space hero and exiled son of a fallen galactic king, then Tim Zarus and the Space Argonauts the movie could probably and creatively marry an already beautiful piece of music (Cathy Cavadini's rendition of Dreams to Dream (Tanya's version) from An American Tail Fievel Goest West (1991), that is) to something even more breathtaking in visual background setting such as the very vast, great, and beautiful expanse of outer space through which the three Zarus brothers flew their Chevy Equinox minivan after escaping from Earth.

    And if in case you've forgotten about this beautiful song from some obscure cartoon movie from the year I was born, take a gander at the lyrics for Tanya's version of Dreams to Dream as sung by Cathy Cavadini for Fievel Goes West (and I know I plan to play this song over the flying Chevy Equinox car flying through space):

    But anyway, good, constructive criticism on my Tim Zarus script if you follow the above link is only welcome for my new script, and also, what do you like about my Tim Zarus script and what are also your favorite parts of it?
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