Thread: Do you listen to podcasts?

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    Hey Guys! We're Mel and Nic. Long time forum readers (you can find a post or two from Mel under username lissabeauty7).
    We started up a podcast recently and wanted some insight.
    We chat about things we love and hate through our lives, from childhood to adulthood, retro shows, board games, and more.
    Are these interesting topics? Are there other topics you think would be interesting for a podcast to explore? Especially a new one trying to find an audience.
    We're recording this weekend a holiday themed episode where we talk about our favorite Christmas presents or ones we really wanted but didn't get.

    Let us know.

    (If you're curious, it's called "We're here to tell you. It's currently on Spotify, Stitcher, and iTunes)
    - Mel & Nic from We're Here To Tell You podcast | Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes | Find us on Insta, FB, and Twitter @whttypodcast
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