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    Where Can I Find A Video That Shows The Following Stuff?

    I Am Looking For A Video That Shows A Commercial Where A Boy Is Jumping Through A Sprinkler & A Girl/Woman Is Outside & Spreading Mustard On Her Hot Dog From Side To Side.

    The Screen Then Freezes For A Few Seconds & Then When It Resumes The Boy Completes His Jump & The Girl/Woman Accidentally Spreads The Mustard On Her Shirt From Side To Side.

    Because She Has Her Buttoned Shirt Open She Also Accidentally Spreads The Mustard Onto Her Undershirt From Side To Side.

    I Believe That The Most Hilarious Part Of That Commercial Is That At The Same Time That The Girl/Woman Accidentally Spreads The Mustard On Her Shirt & Her Undershirt From Side To Side We Hear A Fart Sound.

    I Can't Seem To Find It On Youtube Or Any Other Website.

    I Wish I Knew What They Were Advertising In That Commercial.

    I Would Want To Say That It Was A Commercial That Relates To Outdoor Adventures Although I Have Completely Forgotten What Was Being Advertised In That Commercial.

    All That I Can Say Is That The Girl/Woman Obviously Had To Do A Wash To Get The Mustard Stains Off Of Her Shirt & Undershirt After Eating That Hot Dog Even Though They Didn't Show Her Washing Them.

    I Believe That It Was Originally Shown In Either 1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003 Or 2004.

    If You Need An Additional Clue,Then The Fart Sound That We Hear In This Video Is Also The Sound That We Hear When The Girl/Woman Accidentally Spreads The Mustard On Her Shirt From Side To Side.:

    Another Clue That I Can Give You Is That I Believe That We Get A Back View Of The Boy When He Begins His Jump Through The Sprinkler & The Screen Freezes When His Body Is Touching The Water Coming Out Of The Sprinkler & I Also Believe That The Camera Then Switches To A Front View Of The Boy & Then The Action Resumes & We See The Boy Completing His Jump Through The Sprinkler.
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